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Reflection: 1/11/2015 |Mommy Materials

  Baby A was still napping and as I did chores around the house a documentary special played on the tiny television in the kitchen.  It was about the growing population in India and the ripple effect on families there.  … Continue reading

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Attention Huggers! 5 Reasons I Do Not Like Hugging You | Mommy Materials

My husband and I have dated since High School.  I was a teenager when I met his family for the first time.  Over the last 16 years they have become my family however I still cannot bring myself to tell … Continue reading

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Pull the Plug

Only 45 minutes into our morning the power went out. Baby A in her jumper, the abrupt stop of my breast pump announced that this would be no ordinary morning. Quickly I came to realize there was an outage. With … Continue reading

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As She Does

  I wake up in the morning and my ponytail is loose.  My shirt has been pulled sideways and my pants are far too high.  Strands of hair are down my face and my skin is puffy.  As I carry her to change … Continue reading

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