Pull the Plug

Pull the Plug

Only 45 minutes into our morning the power went out. Baby A in her jumper, the abrupt stop of my breast pump announced that this would be no ordinary morning. Quickly I came to realize there was an outage.

With a busy weekend day ahead, my mind scrambled to adjust plans and reorganize chores clinging to hope it could all still be done. But laundry had stopped and I could no longer hear the waves of the dishwasher. If this was to be salvaged at all, I could only hold my breath for reconnection.

Dropping the baby with my husband in the next room, I flung open the file cabinet.  thumbed my folders, found the number, and quickly dialed.  After reporting the outage, I only grew more impatient as the power company could give no estimate of when power would be returned.  Not only had my day come to a stop but I had no way of creating a Plan B.  I hoped for any information to recalculate my time and map my day.

But as with the best blessings, my desires were not met. Thankfully, power was not restored timely and instead, I had one of the best mornings I have in a while.

The vacuum didn’t cage the baby in the jumper.  I didn’t check my to do list.  The baby’s activities were not stretched around mine.

We started on the living room floor.  Without ever noticing that the carpet wasn’t swept, we pull each and every toy out and examined them each.  We threw some in the air, drove others around in circles, and explored what each one could do.  We laughed.  We cuddled.  Baby A climbed over my arms, legs, and across my back several times like a jungle gym.  We were together with nothing else on my mind.

Next Baby A explored my face.  Her little fingers wrapped around my nose and found my teeth.  She is amazed with teeth as she begins to grow her own.  She wrapped my hair around her fingers, rubbed it on her face, and laughed.  I counted her toes and tickled her knees.

Back in her room we picked out an outfit slowly.  I didn’t think of where we were going or what we were doing but instead only considered what would be fun to wear.  We didn’t match but each material connected to another based on what she found interesting to feel.  We didn’t hurry getting dressed- we had nowhere to be but there.  We picked out a headband with a bow after feeling, stretching, and tasting each of them.  We smiled.

We didn’t do anything that we hadn’t done before.  We play each day, we dress each day, she pulls my hair each day, but each activity we did was for fun.  I was present.  My mommy mind played too.

Eventually the power came back on but the day did not resume with our lights.  We kept the slower pace.  We kept a happy pace.


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3 Responses to Pull the Plug

  1. Samantha says:

    We sure love modern conveniences! and though they are great, sometimes going without helps us see the most important things in life! well said!

  2. Always good when we are able to slow down and simply enjoy the moments we are given.

  3. andthreetogo says:

    It’s funny how things happen that make us slow down and savor the day… or run screaming. Haha. 🙂 The power goes off often here in Phuket, so we make sure to always have a back up plan… usually the mall or the beach.

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