Ball® 4oz Jars


Today we made fresh organic avocado baby food puree.  Where is it now?  Besides the couple of ounces in Baby A’s belly, it is stored in our new Ball® 4oz canning jars.  Here is how they work for us.

Easy to wash.  The baby dish brush we already have worked well and scrubbed these jars up nicely.  They have grooves where the lids twist on but no food has been stuck there.  We put our through our dishwasher and they fit well in our microwave sterilizer- though they did need extra cooling time compared to the plastic bottles we typically have in there.

Seal tight.  My husband even laughed and made a joke about my strength when he opened the jar.  It was certainly able to be opened easily but the seal was tight and trustworthy.  No worries of dripping if these get knocked on their side in the fridge.

Size.  At 4 oz, they are the perfect size to store a meal for Baby A.  That measurement is filled to the top however and I prefer to leave room when freezing in glass.  If planning to freeze, you may only use about 3 oz of the jar if you also leave room for expansion.

Safe and healthy.  BPA free, reusable, and thick, I have yet to have any concerns of chipping or cracking.  I have not yet broken any with my clumsy hands (nor has Baby A).

Portable.  Slightly larger than the jars you typically find in stores, these are just as easy to slip into the diaper bag for a picnic or a bite on the go.


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